Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rating The Fed Stay Until 2014, the dollar slumped Back

The dollar was 0.2 percent of its weakest point in the past month terahadap euro after the Federal Reserve to extend their low rating until the end of 2014.
Yen third daily decline terahadap euro as Asian stocks rise, demand will weaken the yen. Demand for the euro is limited by the Greek talks with creditors which still continues today. New Zealand dollar rose after the central bank targets the country's ratings remain low.

The dollar traded 1.3098 dollars per euro after being down to its weakest point since December 21 in the range of 1.3121 dollars per euro. Yen fell to 101.98 per euro, the weakest point since December 26, before finally corrected in the range of 101.90 euros. Uncorrected yen against the dollar in the range of 77.78. Yesterday, the yen touched its weakest level since November 29 in the range of 78.28.

The MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose 0.8 percent following the increase in the Standard & Poor's Index as much as 0.9 percent yesterday.
America's GDP is predicted to rise 3 percent in the fourth quarter, compared to 1.8 per cent increase on the previous quarter.

Euro three-day stop the rise because of fears of European leaders are still trying to reach an agreement for Greece. Charles Dallara and Jean Lemierre representing the creditors today after European finance ministers to force the creditors to give more loans to Greece.
Kiwi rose against other currencies after the chairman of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Alan Bollard said they would keep the ratings remain below 2.5 percent.
Kiwi up 0.1 percent to 81.74 U.S. cents and rose against the yen to 63.57. Aussie dollar rose from 1.0597 to 1.0608 U.S. dola. Australian dollar climbed against the yen to 82.52 yen from 82.43 yen.

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