Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Remove the previous increase, Hold Seng decreased again

After a morning increased, ending Chinese suppliers exchange profits and damaged back this mid-day. Hong Kong driven by the weak point of China's residence industry.

China's established media verified today that the biggest banks in their countries, Industrial and Commercial Bank of Chinese suppliers (ICBC) has delayed a discount, especially for new people in Chinese suppliers. This makes the concerns of the economic development of China's increasingly extensive.

Hang Seng remove earlier profits and decreased 0.1 % this mid-day with the financial industry and the Chinese residence stocks with the biggest decrease. Chinese suppliers Corporations Catalog in Hong Kong decreased 0.4 %.

Shanghai Blend Catalog decreased 0.7 %. CSI 300 Catalog decreased nearly 1 %, have come down from the highest range for six months,

Shanghai residence sub-index decreased 1 %. Poly Real Estate decreased 2.9 %. Chinese suppliers Vanke decreased 1.3 %. In Hong Kong, Nimble Property down 4.2 %. Longfor Properties decreased 1.5 %.

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